High Quality Film Strips

We're proud to be the first indonesia company to manufactur.
With over 5 million products produced every year.

Export quality

Our products has been distributed to over 5 continents.

Advance machinery

GMP certification for our commitment in contunious improvement


Observing a niche market for strip-mints, we PT. Aquasolve Sanaria soon established a dedicated company in 2005 and became the first Indonesian manufacturer for oral care & germ protection.


We are committed to maintain highest quality products and utmost integrity in business practices. Our Production facility maintains high level of hygiene and food safety standard.

We strive to use only the best technology available to the market and have made a huge investment to our production facility.


Personalized Services for our white labelling customers. We offer labelling with your corporate identity on it, custom printed to suit with your unique promotions.

Impress your client and customers with our unique private labelling service to increase your product exclusivity.